Wholesale Archival Picture Framing Adhesives
Artist Tape
This pH neutral paper tape has an acid-free adhesive and will not discolor most artworks. 3/4" x 60 yards.

402....Artist Tape/Roll.....$11.10

Framer's Tape
This opaque cellophane tape is perfect for all types of artwork including hinging heavier pieces that many tapes cannot safely handle. Its conservation qualities meet or exceed that of any archival tape. 3/4" x 60 yards.

401.......Framer's Tape/Roll.....$17.28

Linen Tape
This Holland tape has a very strong white linen backing with a water activated, gummed, acid-free adhesive glue. This neutral pH tape is perfect for hinging window mats and securing prints to the backing.
1" x 150 feet

400.......Linen Tape/Roll.....$31.28

Transfer (ATG) Tape
Dry transfer adhesives are the ideal solution for the fast, precise application of adhesive to most surfaces. They eliminate the need for messy liquid adhesives and require no drying time. Adhesive transfer tapes are manufactured exclusively with permanent acrylic adhesives that maintain their ideal cohesion characteristics even in unfavorable environmental conditions. 1/2" x 36 yards.

444........Transfer (ATG) Tape/Roll.....$5.15

Transfer (ATG) Tape Dispenser
Insures smooth and accurate application of Transfer (ATG) Tape. Sturdy and durable plastic construction.

445....Transfer Tape Dispenser.....$44.82
Photo Mount Corners
Pressure sensitive vinyl corners mount with ease just press onto the backing mat. The transparent corners provide a minimal amount of distraction while giving maximum protection to your print. They are recommended for smaller prints and are packaged 500 corners to a box.

403.....Photo Mount Corners/Box 500.....$13.04

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