Metal Sectional Mouldings
Metal sectional mouldings are a quick, versatile and easy to use choice for any application.
Nielsen Metal Mouldings
The industry standard for decades, Nielsen metal moulding is the highest quality available anywhere. Their clean, square and gap-less patented corner joining system revolutionized picture framing in 1974. And they continue to lead the way in innovative styles and finishes. Westfall Framing is proud to carry the full line of Nielsen moulding. The most popular gallery and museum profiles are shown on this site. Call for details on other Nielsen styles and finishes not found on this site.
Westfall Metal Mouldings
We also carry our own line of quality economy mouldings. These aluminum mouldings feature a durable anodized finish in a host of colors, and utilize Nielsen's patented joining system for tight, clean corners.
Order the exact measurements, in inches, of the materials you are framing. Moulding can be cut to one eighth of an inch. Sides must be at least six inches long. Please provide us with the Profile ID and color (i.e. N11-01), quantity, and dimensions of each frame you order.
Assembly Hardware
Westfall Framing sells genuine Nielsen assembly hardware. One complete set contains enough tapped corners, back plates, spring clips and hangers for one frame. A bulk pack sufficient to complete 100 frame units is available.

1. Assemble three corners.
2. Insert art/mat package.
3. Display your artwork.

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Westfall Metal Mouldings