Sometimes you want to “float” your art, or mount to a backing and forgo a window mat. This is common for watercolors. Or perhaps you have a lot of surface detail, such as a collage, or a mixed media piece with spoons and monopoly game pieces glued on. You need glazing space, or separation between the glazing and art. Westfall Framing offers a glazing spacer specially designed for the Museum Hardwood Frames, available in matching wood types. We also offer two profiles of metal frames with built in glazing spacer.
The Museum Hardwood Frame glazing spacer (HW16) is tacked into the frame after the glazing and before the art and backing. It MUST BE ORDERED WITH A MUSEUM HARDWOOD FRAME, and is ordered at the same size.

The metal frames with glazing spacer (N44 & N55) have a separate channel that holds the glazing, and is assembled just like the regular metal frames, with the glazing inserted in one channel and the art and backing in the other. There is no additional ordering information.